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Mental health and wellbeing

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, or just want to feel happier, we’re here to help.

If your life is at risk right now

If you feel like you might attempt suicide, or may have seriously harmed yourself, you need urgent medical help. Please:
Call 999 for an ambulance
Go straight to A&E, if you can
Call your local crisis team – if you don’t already have their number, you can find an urgent mental health helpline on the NHS website
If you can’t do this by yourself, ask someone to help you.
Mental health emergencies are serious. You’re not wasting anyone’s time.

If you don’t want to call 999

If you can keep yourself safe for a short while, but you still need urgent advice:
Contact NHS 111 if you live in England
Contact NHS 111 Wales if you live in Wales (select option 2 to access urgent mental health support)
Contact a local urgent mental health helpline (England only)
Contact your GP surgery and ask for an emergency appointment. Many GPs are now offering these remotely.
Do you need some urgent coping tools?
We have some crisis resources that you can use right away, by yourself, wherever you are.
Get crisis coping tools

If you need to talk right now

Whatever you’re going through, there are people you can talk to any time. You can:
call Samaritans on 116 123 (UK-wide)
text SHOUT to 85258 (UK-wide)
call C.A.L.L. on 0800 132 737 (Wales only)
These services are for anyone who’s struggling.

They won’t judge you.
They’re free, they’re anonymous, and they’re always open.

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